The BC PNP Skills Immigration stream has different categories designed to target workers with the skills, experience and qualifications needed by B.C. employers. These categories are designed for individuals with specific skills and competencies, and who are committed to live, work and economically establish in B.C.


  • You must demonstrate that you have the intent to live, work and economically establish in B.C.
  • You must provide economic benefit to B.C.
  • Depending on the category you select, and the skill level / classification of the job you have been offered, you may be required to meet minimum English or French language requirements. For English IELTS or CELPIP and for French TEF or TCF.
  • The BC PNP will not nominate you if you are in Canada and are out of status or have other unresolved immigration issues.
  • Most BC PNP Skills Immigration categories require candidates to submit a signed job offer letter from an eligible B.C. employer and be indeterminate in duration. NOTE: applications submitted as part of BC PNP Tech do not require an indeterminate job offer.
  • You must be qualified for the offered position.
  • The wage you have been offered must be, at market rate for the occupation, comparable to wages paid to Canadians and permanent residents with similar education, training, and experience, and, consistent with the wage compensation structure of your employer.
  • You must meet the minimum family income requirements according to your annual wage in B.C., area of residence in B.C., and number of dependants.
  • For employment to be eligible for the BC PNP, it must be a situation in which you are receiving or entitled to wages for work performed for an organization, you do not hold or exercise control over an ownership stake of 10% or greater, the organization that is paying your wages, and directing and supervising your work, has a significant operational presence in British Columbia, and your work constitutes a direct economic benefit to British Columbia.

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