Strategic Projects

The Strategic Projects category is for foreign corporations who have identified strategic investment opportunities in B.C. to establish operations that are integral to the growth and expansion of their core business.

This category enables foreign corporations to permanently transfer key staff to B.C. The foreign corporation may apply for permanent residence of up to five of its current senior employees. These employees must actively manage the B.C. operation.

Eligibility of Foreign Company

To be eligible, the foreign company must:

  • be well-established and in good financial standing
  • demonstrate investment readiness and capacity for international expansion into B.C.
  • provide significant economic benefit to the province by making a high value investment in B.C.

Company requirements

The foreign company must:

  • make a minimum equity investment of at least $500,000 directed toward the company’s operations in B.C.
  • establish new or purchase and expand an eligible business in B.C.
  • create at least three new full-time equivalent jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents for each foreign key staff member proposed (to a maximum of five key staff)

Eligibility of Key Staff

To be eligible as key staff, the individual(s) must:

  • be current senior employees of the foreign company who have the qualifications and experience that are essential to establish and operate the business in B.C.
  • is being appointed to an executive or senior managerial position, or has specialized knowledge essential to the proposed B.C. operation
  • will be employed in a permanent full-time capacity at the B.C. operation
  • is offered a wage commensurate with his/her expertise and consistent with industry and corporate compensation structures